Your hosts, Robert and Kate Watts came to Ambergris Caye for the first time as honeymooners in 1999. The initial seeds of someday living on the island were planted during that blissful trip, but they returned to Columbus, Ohio for the next 18 years to have a family and to raise their daughter, Emma. Kate worked in Corporate Housing and Robert in Mortgage Banking. The initial seeds of their dream kept growing, while they traveled as a family to other Caribbean areas and beach communities over the years. The dislike of gloomy Ohio winters kept growing as well.

Lots of research, taking family Caribbean trips over winters and dreaming of the future. The future came fast, and it was clear that dreaming out loud was actually planning! Exactly 18 years after their visit, they purchased land in Belize, on Ambergris Caye. “No better time than now! Wait...Hold up... Why? What? Ok, full steam ahead!” Long story short, it was not easy. Basically a slow race with hurdles and a finish line that kept moving out.

Back to the Why. They were so taken with the friendly and kind San Pedrano people. Everyone greets you, Good morning! The rumbling sounds of the reef, the clear aquamarine and turquoise waters, the relaxed atmosphere. The warm sun, palm-thatched beach bars, bike riding to get fresh fruits and veggies. The same reasons the island drew them in, is why they invite guests to come see, experience the adventure, explore and find the joy in whatever makes your heartbeat, here in San Pedro Belize.